Release Notes

Website redesign completed and ready for launch!

Sneaker Law Book appears on Harvard Law Bookstore

Finally completed our image clearance process. Over 275 beautiful, full color images cleared and added to the manuscript. Can’t wait to see how The Ronin design team uses them for the final layout!

Interviewed by Westlaw – featured on the front page of Westlaw’s IP Journal

Selected the shoelace that will be used for the bookmark. So excited to see how the final product turns out!

Our final manuscript is proofread and ready to be sent to The Ronin’s designers for layout.

Foil stamp, emboss and deboss cover features selected

Received the final BRED cover proof from our designer, and sent to our printer for plating.

More concepting and design for the BRED cover is done, which incorporates the new logo. Love it!

We are excited to announce that we’ve begun working with The Ronin, an Human experience design agency. The Ronin will be providing book layout and marketing support to Sneaker Law and we can’t wait to show you the outcome!

Our full manuscript (almost 400 pages) is finally complete! Sent off for proofreading.

Sneaker Law Pre-Order is live on! The first ever law book with it’s own teaser trailer! Shout to Tony “Broadway” Warewu for the fire beat.

Final version of the trailer video is completed - looks better than expected. Video will be available to view during pre-order.

3D designer hired to render and animate the book for our pre-order trailer.

Stadium Goods just granted us clearance to use their extensive database of sneaker images for use in the book. A major look!

Jared and his wife, Rosalind, gave birth to their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Sylvia! Definitely the biggest release note of 2020!

The Scribe editors started editing Sneaker Law chapters. Everyone needs a good editor!

Final logo design complete. Vision is finally coming together.

Hired Scribe to edit our manuscript. We’ve heard some amazing feedback on Scribe and what their editing team can do, so we’re super excited about working with them. Let’s go!

Idea to print book's cover in red foil on black leather, giving the book an '85 Jordan BRD-like feel. (Just not as worn as this one)

Sneaker Law Image selection and clearance process begins. Jared’s brother Jake Goldstein (also a sneakerhead) agrees to help us with this phase of the book.

Business Insider writeup on Sneaker Law and Harvard Law School preview

COVID-19 pandemic rocks the world. New York State, goes on a mandatory lock down for all residents, including Kenneth and Jared. They decide to make use of the stay-at-home opportunity and dedicate their free time outside of work to finish writing Sneaker Law.

Sneaker Law gave its first ever book preview at Harvard Law School. The preview was given as part of Harvard’s Fashion Law Lab with Professor Nana Sarian.  We had an amazing time presenting in Cambridge and were extremely grateful for the opportunity to debut Sneaker Law at one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation.

First mockup created for cover design. The initial idea behind the cover was to keep the same formatting as a traditional law book, so that it would hold a position on the shelf with other classic textbooks. Legitimacy was a key concern in the book's early development.

Hired our second legal intern, Daphne Spector. Rylan also joins us for a second semester. We are grateful for their help!

Officially launched externship program through our alma mater, Brooklyn Law School

Kenneth starts working at Yeezy domain purchased

Kenneth and Jared met for lunch in NYC - the idea for Sneaker Law was born! They began outlining the book and jotting ideas down for the entire project.

Kenneth and Jared meet on LinkedIn. Read more in our book about how we linked up and became friends!